A variety of high
and mid efficiency
gas furnaces and
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  Flexible solutions
for air conditioning
and cleaners.
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  Heat pumps and
ductless systems
for practical heating
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heating products are
our own line of high
efficiency, quiet
operation heaters.
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Flexible Solutions for Building Environments
Ray Electric designs and manufactures it's own line of electric heating products. Hydro-Air® heating products are ruggedly built to give the highest efficiency, quietest operation and longest life.

Residental/Commercial Forced Air Electric Furnaces back to top back to top

Hydro-Air® "Mini Series"
The perfect heating solution for small homes, condominiums, apartments, and cottages. These unique mini units meet the complex requirements for areas where space is at a premium or supplementary heat is required. Available in sizes from 1 to 15 KW at voltages from 120 to 600 volt 3 phase, all units feature a direct drive blower.

Hydro-Air® "NRE Series"
Available in standard sizes up to 25 KW and voltages up to 600 volts 3 phase with direct drive and belt blowers, as well as almost any option

  • WHM - 20/30 Electric hot water hydroponics boiler
  • LDH and FDH series duct heater
  • SDA and GDA series dampers
  • Make-Up Air Units

These make-up air units are the logical choice for restaurants, apartments, senior citizen housing, fast food outlets, woodworking plants and any application where air is exhausted. The unique designs provide complete access to all components for easier maintenance and service.

The incoloy sheathed "Black Heat" elements, balanced blowers and airflow designed heat exchanger make these series the first choice for indoor ventilation and their proven reliability for 20 years of service unequalled in the industry.

Hydro-Air® "RTUV Series"
Vertical Rooftop Make-up Air Units

Hydro-Air® "RTUH Series"
Horizontal Rooftop Make-up Air Units

Hydro-Air® "RTUV Series"
Horizontal Indoor Make-up Air Units

Pool Heaters back to top
Hydro-Air® "POH Series"
This Residential Electric Pool Heater Boiler features a compact design for space saving installation.

This Series features: schedule 40 steel tubular vessel (3/8") "sheathed immersion 1" screw plug elements "heavy duty pump switch with heater interlock" " element on" indicator pilot switch.

Feature for feature - your best choice for pool heater or hot water heating applications.

Hydro-Air® "WHM Series"
To meet today's needs, this series has been designed to include unequalled features such as schedule 40 steel tubular vessel(3/8"), 3/8" plate steel flanges, dual over-temperature protection,
2 safety cutouts, sheathed immersion elements, silent.

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